First Kiss

by Excitotoxins

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released August 17, 2016

Geoffrey Makousky (All Things)



all rights reserved


Excitotoxins Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: When They Went To Rock
When they went to rock, man
it didn't work out
so they became slaves to the modern way
cuz when they went to rock, yeah
it came out like a fart
and that's explains why they are what they are

everybody forms that band
that fucked up band
they nobody could ever really understand
everybody sang into a fake microphone
everybody banged out to some lame pop anthem

nah nah nah

When they went to rock, man
it didn't work out
so they became slaves to the modern way
cuz when they went to rock, man
it came out like a fart
so they became cliches
of the powers of the day
When they went to rock, man
they couldn't get up
and they became lame and
they wrapped up their brain
When they went to rock, man
they couldn't cut it
but now they got their picture
on a magazine cover

Music is brainwashing
release the pain from inside
those frequencies and harmonies
they're speaking to your soul
the vibrations of the melodies
those mother fuckers
set you free
if you tune right in
and let yourself be
Track Name: Discoveries
Discovering the secrets of the universe,
stay up at night yelling at yo wife about it
it doesn't sound schizophrenic at all
what you gunna do? what you gunna do?
Earn more fiat currency, fuck that reality.

with the discoveries that you start making
you ground starts shaking, you’re whole faith starts changing
and everything you thought you knew doesn’t sound so true
you start to see through the constructs that hold you
looking at life with just another light
a spark of truth that moves you through the web of lies
everything you ought to know
will leave you oh so all alone

discovering the secrets of the universe
do nothing or you will end up in a hearse
(we'll fall for anything, baby)

left sitting here in this bomb crater life
can’t even talk to my fucked up wife
can’t even talk to my fucked up friends
when you test reality, who bends?
keep digging and scratching right into the eye
you can mess your life up and give it another try
because everything you ought to know
will leave you oh so all alone

always there, all the reminders
just who your master is
you gotta know there’s more than shown
Track Name: Rockefeller's New Body
He's got it, yeah baby, he's got it.

It's Rockefeller's new body
illuminati ritual abuse
you let yourself in
It's Rockefeller's new body
He bought it on the black market
they say it looks just like him

torture the child
drink of it's blood
capture the soul
let yourself in

It's Rockefeller's new body
he got it and he looks so good
tucked inside of his new skin
It's Rockefeller's new body
these are the frankensteins
of the new age

It's Rockefeller's new body
God knows how long this system
of torture and mind control
has ruled us
It's Rockefeller's new body
i pray to God
that he would reveal
the sicken evil among us.
Track Name: Hobo
You gotta live like a hobo.

I can't tell you how many times
I want to censor you with the censored thing
everyday a new jam bringing
like in eternity dem holy angels singing
just want to make new music everyday
poking at the eye at the top of your pyramid
just want to take another step everyday
digging out of the mind cemetery that I'm buried in.

You gotta live like a hobo.
He's got the disease
He's not coming clean
He will have to go
He thought for himself

Now let's see a show of hands
of those who feel that they've awakened
and found more than they bargained for
well, I've got a story to sell you
it beings with me
knowing every fact about everything
you slackjawed listening
a jostle in your pocket
and oh that's who?
it's a mystery. uh huh
it's a mystery.
and I'm just listening
to you talk about a mystery
I'm a captivated rekcuf rehtom
Im listening to you
talk about a mystery.
Track Name: Dragging Us By The Chain
Our home was forged
by the blood of the poor
and through hundreds of years
it's all been ignored

stick the slaves back in the cage
dragging us by the chain
i know you feel sorry
but you still won't change your ways

dear lord, while you've been gone
I've been keeping score
right here on this board
first I used black
then I used white
then I went back to black again
counting up all the sin
now we're in for some of that judgement
I've heard so much about
then I'll know I'm not let down
then I'll know it was at all
people don't lie to children anymore
and press their agenda
they stay back and defend you
if this day is as different as they say
then why do I have this
unstoppable urge to run away
de-demonize it quickly
before the hammer falls.
Track Name: Blame It On The Rain (Milli Vanilli)
You said you didn't need her
you told her goodbye
you sacrificed a good love
to satisfy your pride
now you wish that you should have her
and you feel like such a fool
you let her walk away
now we just don't feel the same
gotta blame it on something.

Blame it on the rain
it was fallin' falling.
blame it on the stars
that did shine at night
whatever you do
don't put the blame on you
blame it on the rain

could have told her you were sorry
could have said you were wrong
but no, you couldn't do that
had to prove you were strong
if you hadn't been so blinded
she might still be there with you
you let her walk away
now she just don't feel the same
gotta blame it on something
Track Name: Unrepresented
There's all these terrible things
I can't just tell you about it
cuz there's a violence it brings
to your peace of mind
There's many secreted things
you can't just read about it
you've got to stumble upon it
through many trials
and if you ever could see
past your frame of mind
the horizon is melting
and your pretty little house is on fire.

Trading your time for a meanless number
with half surreneder to the cult that your under.

There's only so many things
I want to say about you
cuz I can smell those ears burning
baby, you need me to.
these top-down funky magicians
been topping off my mind
with propaganda and brainwashing
almost every night
that's the kind of regularity
it takes to keep a marriage burning
and you got that going on with the hidden hand
it's stroking you every which-a-way
you can't leave it behind
the worst sadness comes from knowing
you're living a liek

You're unrepresented baby
you pay, or you die.
You're unrepresented baby.

You're an uncompensated laborer specialist
You're an unrepresented taxpayer sucking it
You're an uncompensated laborer specialist
You're an unrepresented property of the TPP
Track Name: Free People
Save me from my master
(I can't do it)
Save me bro!
(I told you, i can't do it)
Release me from their master plan
(I wouldn't do it)
show me how
(if I told ya then they'd have to kill ya)

All the People of the free earth, show me how.
Everybody seeing the truth through the veil, show me now.
Every man, woman, fish, bird and sacred cow, let's see it now.
Cast your magic spell or put your knee down.

Oh, poisoned, sick as fuck.
I've got a fantasy about you and me
waking up to grand conspiracies
no theories about it, yo.
The lie that we got shoved up there
has loosened me up
When I let my bowels drop
the whole thing came tumbling out

I wanna take you back,
I wanna take you there.
Time heals all wounds
Let's check some fresh tombs.
I wanna take you back,
I wanna take you there.
Time can hide all lies
let's make a wreck of Uhm.

I've got a fantasy involving your feet
walking the fuck away from the corruption
that we can't speak of...
(Don't speak of the corruption, don't speak at all.)

All right children, it's test time.
Time to find out
who you know,
what you know,
and how much you know.
Then I'll decide if I can let you go...
this is a compulsory education.

First off, let me put your mind at ease,
you passed the exam.
Your regurgitory brainwashing took nicely
good work. gold star.
You'll get a fine job, and drive a fast car.
Secondly, you indicated you had some knowledge
of the mystery school, Pharaonic bloodlines
that still rule with kings and queens and pope's and W.M.D.'s
This will never do. Forget you ever knew.
Third, you talked about the central bank
and the cartels, the mob is inside the government
and their power comes from hell!
Well, let me tell you young man
we've got a cell with your number on it, bitch.
You just keep running your mother fucking mouth.
Track Name: Pyramid Scheme
It's the Remeni-Wyzkow Pyramid Scheme
find 10 people to totally ream
why don't you go tell your good friend Dean
about the Remeni-Wykzow Pyramid Scheme

You pay a monthly due
no benefit for a year
you talk to random dudes
you get their signatures

be the boss
marry the boss
build an empire

Stay with these horrible feelings
it's giving you meaning
it's letting you hide
why won't you stay
under my pyramid
I want you
under my eye
Track Name: Fireside
In a love letter to my killer
I told you how I wanted this done
Long, drawn out, and painlessly
I wanted to drift away with you

We've never moved as one
from the time before the sun
you have to love everyone
or decide not to care at all

That's what we do
we give up on either side
it doesn't work, so why should i?
we'll leave a scar on the world we saved

That's what we do
we get by on second tries
compromise and bitter lies
brotherhood broken
over imaginary lines

Fireside with Jesus Christ
all the answers in life
Track Name: Jet Fuel
Sucking down jet fuel
like a motherfucker
just getting out of here
don't want to be alone
but there's no way out
wake up from this consciousness
on the other side
Sucking down all we got
like a robber baron
just to get across
to a feeble mind
the simplest of truth
seen through another's eyes
(nobody is up there, nobody is out there)

Tell my heart standby
we could be leaving at any time
Tell my mind to realize
my place in space and time
tell me you will answer all my prayers
there's only one to bare
find me when it's ending...
Track Name: Jam Tomorrow (Carol Channing)
Jam Tomorrow
Jam Yesterday
But Never Ever Jam Today...