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Discovering the secrets of the universe,
stay up at night yelling at yo wife about it
it doesn't sound schizophrenic at all
what you gunna do? what you gunna do?
Earn more fiat currency, fuck that reality.

with the discoveries that you start making
you ground starts shaking, you’re whole faith starts changing
and everything you thought you knew doesn’t sound so true
you start to see through the constructs that hold you
looking at life with just another light
a spark of truth that moves you through the web of lies
everything you ought to know
will leave you oh so all alone

discovering the secrets of the universe
do nothing or you will end up in a hearse
(we'll fall for anything, baby)

left sitting here in this bomb crater life
can’t even talk to my fucked up wife
can’t even talk to my fucked up friends
when you test reality, who bends?
keep digging and scratching right into the eye
you can mess your life up and give it another try
because everything you ought to know
will leave you oh so all alone

always there, all the reminders
just who your master is
you gotta know there’s more than shown


from First Kiss, released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Excitotoxins Minneapolis, Minnesota

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