Free People

from by Excitotoxins

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Save me from my master
(I can't do it)
Save me bro!
(I told you, i can't do it)
Release me from their master plan
(I wouldn't do it)
show me how
(if I told ya then they'd have to kill ya)

All the People of the free earth, show me how.
Everybody seeing the truth through the veil, show me now.
Every man, woman, fish, bird and sacred cow, let's see it now.
Cast your magic spell or put your knee down.

Oh, poisoned, sick as fuck.
I've got a fantasy about you and me
waking up to grand conspiracies
no theories about it, yo.
The lie that we got shoved up there
has loosened me up
When I let my bowels drop
the whole thing came tumbling out

I wanna take you back,
I wanna take you there.
Time heals all wounds
Let's check some fresh tombs.
I wanna take you back,
I wanna take you there.
Time can hide all lies
let's make a wreck of Uhm.

I've got a fantasy involving your feet
walking the fuck away from the corruption
that we can't speak of...
(Don't speak of the corruption, don't speak at all.)

All right children, it's test time.
Time to find out
who you know,
what you know,
and how much you know.
Then I'll decide if I can let you go...
this is a compulsory education.

First off, let me put your mind at ease,
you passed the exam.
Your regurgitory brainwashing took nicely
good work. gold star.
You'll get a fine job, and drive a fast car.
Secondly, you indicated you had some knowledge
of the mystery school, Pharaonic bloodlines
that still rule with kings and queens and pope's and W.M.D.'s
This will never do. Forget you ever knew.
Third, you talked about the central bank
and the cartels, the mob is inside the government
and their power comes from hell!
Well, let me tell you young man
we've got a cell with your number on it, bitch.
You just keep running your mother fucking mouth.


from First Kiss, released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Excitotoxins Minneapolis, Minnesota

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